The company MANDI-TRANS was founded in 1988 by the family Miloshevski - Mandi, as a company exclusively specialized for road transportation of liquid products.


Today our transportation capacity is 380.000 liters, which means 16 most modern equipped auto-tanks for transportation of liquid food products. Our tanks are with 3 or 4 separated chambers made of V2A stainless steel, heat insulated and self-heating. Given that we also operate as an agency, we are able to provide a greater number of vehicles in accordance with the needs of our clients.

We do transportation of milk, wine, seed oils, fruit juices, molasses etc.

Our staff is well trained, available round the clock and can easily meet the needs of our clients. In order to offer you outstanding performance, reliability and accuracy in performing the carriages, all our vehicles are tracked via mobile phones or GPS.

Tank Cleaning Station

Recently we opened the tank cleaning station located in the front yard of our company, equipped with latest modern technology enabling fast and quality cleaning for which we issue our clients a certificate. It has waste water treatment installed making it environmentally friendly.

It consists of:

  • three cleaning heads
  • cleaning with hot and cold water
  • various detergents depending on the products being transported
  • modern technology enabling high pressure cleaning for fast and effective services.


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